Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Paper Plate Angel Wings

Hello everyone! Sheila here guest posting for the first time ever at one of my dearest, sweetest, oh so talented friend> JILLY JILL! Absolutely LOVE this girl and she is really showing how wonderful she is with this blog she has so bravely started. 

My post is all about something we are all very familiar with,. My family uses them almost every day, paper plates. A big thank you to whoever invented these time saving, essential to the busy family, totally recyclable, dishes.
You probably remember all those great crafts as an elementary student that involved paper plates. As a former first grade teacher, I have had the pleasure of making several paper plate creatures with a room full of 6 year olds. Yes, if you were lucky enough to be in Mrs. MacBride’s class, you could count on an abundance of crafty, art projects made from cheap supplies. I cannot begin to count how much I have spent on pipe cleaners, popsicle sticks, foam sheets, pony beads, and of course, PAPER PLATES!
angel wings 013
v  Inspirational Pin below. v
You can’t imagine how thrilled I was to find this pin^^^^! Although it’s written in a foreign language with only one glimpse of how it was done (cut paper plates, duh, right?). They are just so beautiful! I complained to my friend that mine came out a little chunkier than the pin. She made it all better by reminding me that ALL angels are beautifully unique-chunky or not! Jill, our friend Lisa, and I call ourselves the “Crafting Angels”. Here we are with our “Angel” pose:
angel wings 015
Ok , back to the project. I had a cardboard box that I had attempted to spray paint the entire inside white (not a success, just major dizziness). I drew what I thought to be a good angel wing on one panel, but my hubby did not agree.  He drew over my draft, fixing the width and the curve-all while laying on the couch watching football. Hmmph. I am an artist, but drawing is NOT my forte. Thank goodness art isn’t just about drawing! I cut it out and traced it on the back side of the other cardboard panel to get a mirror image.
angel wings 001
Then it’s just a matter of cutting and hot gluing for the first wing. The hard part is making the second wing match symmetrically with the first. Not ALL angels are perfect, right? JK!!
angel wings 002
I wanted to age the edges, but after a few practice attempts on scrap paper plates with several different things, I chose not to. I did spray it with silver glimmer mist, but you can only see it close up.
angel wings 005
I needed something meaningful for the center. I decided on a quote from a bible verse about how an angel appeared to Joseph to tell him of Mary’s future birth to our Savior, Jesus Christ.  “an angel of the Lord appeared to him”. I almost did one very similar about the angel appearing to the shepards to tell of Jesus’ birth, changing him to them. There are several verses out there about an angel appearing, but this is the one I am referring to.
angel wings 012
I used my mismatched antique stamps on sewing pattern paper, modpodged it onto a dictionary page and inserted into a frame I shabbified.

angel wings 013
angel wings 014
This is the corner of my living room. I  am hoping to post a video soon of my Christmas home. I don’t know, it depends on how much time I have to spend uploading pics. I am crazy behind on wrapping presents! Get the Aleve, because I’m sure that’s gonna be a back ache! Oh hubby…..

Oh! I almost forgot! All of you wonderful people are so very welcome to come visit me at my blog:
Hope to see you soon:)

I'm so happy to be a guest of Sophisticated Burlap & Co.! I feel so special:) 
Thank you my dear fellow "crafting angel"! Can't wait to see you in a few days!
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  1. Smiling it! Sheila, you are "FABULOUS" girlfriend! I truly Love your creativity and spunk girl! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for guest blogging at Sophisticated Burlap and Co, it's truly an honor and a blessing sweet friend! HUGS!!

  2. I was just wondering, how and where did you incorporate pony beads and pipe cleaners? I do not see them in the image unless they are in the background. but I cannot imagine how and where they would come in handy here. I would like to try and make this in a few weeks.